Save the South Woodford Crown Post Office

The Crown South Woodford Post Office, which has survived previous attempts of closure, is set to close in the spring. 

The loss of this Post Office will be a huge blow to the local community during a difficult time for the High Street, and will leave Woodford without an essential part of the local economy and a vital hub to South Woodford, particularly for the elderly and infirm. There are no arrangements for any kind of replacement. 

I'm calling upon the Post Office to reverse this decision and to make a commitment to retaining this key service for South Woodford, served by a proper postal service. Before going any further with these plans Woodford residents have a right to be fully consulted with a full explanation as to how this service will be retained in this shopping area.


Interim South Woodford Post Office

After campaigning hard with the local community, CWU Union and conservative Councillors Michael Duffell and Sue Nolan to protect postal services in South Woodford, we were pleased to visit the interim temporary service while the Post Office seek a permanent solution.

Fairlop Waters Outdoor Activity Centre 🚣‍♂‍

Many constituents have written to me concerned about the future of Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre. I have heard from local residents about the importance of the centre to the community and of the fond memories they have of their times there.

Save South Woodford Post Office

The Post Office announced that they were planning to close the Crown South Woodford Post Office on George Lane in April 2021. This announcement would have been a huge blow to South Woodford’s main shopping district at what is a difficult time for the High Street.