Royal Mail move

12th February 2017

Iain Duncan Smith has met with CWU territorial rep Peter Meech following Royal Mail’s announcement that South Woodford’s delivery office will be moving to Chingford.

Local MP Iain Duncan Smith said:
"Chingford office staff are concerned as they believe that this will put more pressure on them at a time when they are struggling to ensure that parcels get delivered efficiently and on time”.

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Freedom of Movement post Brexit by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP

March 2018


This paper sets out proposals to revise the immigration system and additionally in the annexe it makes the point that more information is required to fully understand the nature of where the costs fall and benefits exist. The information on much, if not all, of this is held by the government.
The central objective should be to ensure control over the movement of people. Using a combination of work permits and a cap we would look to control access to work and rights to settlement. Free movement for EU citizens for other purposes should be preserved.