Ridgeway Park Anti-Social Behaviour

22nd July 2019

I am extremely concerned about the recent rise in dangerous anti-social behaviour in Ridgeway Park. Recently a group of teenagers have been targeting members of the public using the Modern Railway (run by Cllr Roy Berg) by pelting them with rocks, fireworks and debris and worryingly also tried to set fire to a section of the railway. This could result in members of the public getting hurt. We need to work together to bring a stop in this rise in unacceptable anti-social behaviour in our community.

Local conservative councillors have been raising the rise in anti-social behaviour in Ridgeway Park to the council for a number of months. In particular, Cllr Roy Berg has been working with the council and police to resolve this issue.  I have written to the Borough Commander and local police and also Waltham Forest council to ask that this matter is investigated and dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Iain Duncan Smith MP and Cllr Roy Berg


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