Public Meeting

Public Meeting about crime with residents & Police in South Woodford.
12th August 2019

Over 75 Woodford residents had the opportunity to attend a public meeting about policing in the area, which I organised with local Conservative councillors and the Redbridge Borough Commander, the meeting was also attended by local police teams.

Residents asked questions about concerns they had regarding crime and found out about the local initiatives.  Anti-Social Behaviour, Car Crime, Burglary and the rise in Violent Knife Crime were key concerns for residents.

We were clear that everything possible must be done to tackle senseless crime and violence affecting our communities. The police already have a range of measures they are using to keep our streets safe, but there is more we can do to help them in this battle.

It is vital we continue to focus on improving the law enforcement response while at the same time steering young people away from criminal activity in the first place.  New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has crime at the top of his agenda to make our streets safer and has just announced 20,000 extra police officers to tackle the scourge of crime on our streets.


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