Iain Duncan Smith raises concerns about the regional impact of Germany unilaterally pushing ahead with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

16th July 2018

Following the Prime Minister’s statement to the House of Commons on the NATO Summit, Iain Duncan Smith questions her about Germany and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which will have the strategic effect of diminishing the likelihood of Ukraine and other eastern European countries of being able to support themselves and leave them open to pressure from Russia.

I congratulate my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister on what I think was for her a successful NATO summit. May I return her to the point of the Germans and the issue of energy? Exactly what discussions and conversations have taken place with the Germans concerning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline? If Germany insists on going ahead unilaterally with this pipeline, it will have the strategic effect of diminishing the likelihood of Ukraine and others being able to support themselves.

My right hon. Friend has, of course, raised an important issue. This subject has been discussed on a number of occasions around the European Council table and it will continue to be discussed around that table. Obviously, we recognise the concerns that have been raised in relation to Nord Stream 2 and, in particular, in relation to the impact it would have on Ukraine. We will continue to talk, not only with Germany, but with other European allies, about this issue, and we will contribute to that discussion around the European Council table. There is a growing recognition that this issue needs to be addressed and a growing recognition of the concerns that have been raised.



Freedom of Movement post Brexit by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP

August 2018


This paper sets out proposals to revise the immigration system and additionally in the annexe it makes the point that more information is required to fully understand the nature of where the costs fall and benefits exist. The information on much, if not all, of this is held by the government.

The central objective should be to ensure control over the movement of people. Using a combination of work permits and a cap we would look to control access to work and rights to settlement. Free movement for EU citizens for other purposes should be preserved.