12 November 2020
Sir Iain Duncan Smith urges the Government to impose Magnitsky sanctions against Hong Kong officials

Sir Iain Duncan Smith urges the UK Government to take a lead in responding to China's disqualification of pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong by imposing Magnitsky sanctions against individual officials starting with Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

It is time for us to let the Chinese government know these issues come with serious repercussions.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP

Sir Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford and Woodford Green) (Con)

I congratulate the hon. Member for Oxford West and Abingdon (Layla Moran) on her position. She is a friend, because she is part of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, and of alliances on many other countries around the world.

I fully understand the issues for my hon. Friend the Minister and the Government, but the reality is that we face an arrogant country, led by an arrogant leadership that has trashed the Sino-British agreement and is guilty of huge human rights abuses and dangerous confrontations with its neighbours. The British Government must lead in this matter, not wait. It is time for us to let the Chinese Government know that these actions come with serious repercussions. Does he accept that we need to sanction individuals responsible for any of these actions? Let us start with Carrie Lam in Hong Kong.

Nigel Adams

I thank my right hon. Friend for his continued efforts on this issue, and for working positively with the Government. We will continue to consider designations under the sanctions regulations. I fear I am repeating myself, but he will know, given his background, that it is not appropriate to speculate on who may be designated in the future, as putting that on the record may well reduce the impact of the designations. I completely agree with his opening comments, but we have offered a new immigration path for BNOs; we have suspended our extradition treaty with Hong Kong; we have extended our arms embargo on mainland China to cover Hong Kong; and we have led international efforts to hold China to its international obligations. Gaining 39 signatures at the UN is no mean feat. We have also, rightly, consistently raised our concern with the Chinese authorities.