27 January 2020


Sir Iain Duncan Smith calls on Government to reject Huawei involvement in the UK's 5G network

Following the Government statement on Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network, Sir Iain Duncan Smith calls on the UK to reject Huawei given that there is a cyber-war going on in which China is arguably the biggest participant.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford and Woodford Green) (Con)

I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Tonbridge and Malling (Tom Tugendhat) on his urgent question. Given that we are, in a sense, at war—there is a cyber-war going on in which China is arguably the biggest participant; maybe Russia as well—the idea that we should think of giving a company that is heavily subsidised by China, a country that has set out to steal data and technology non-stop, the right to be in what is essentially a very delicate area of our technology seems utterly bizarre. I was led to believe that the Government would not make that decision. I hope that they will now reject Huawei immediately.

Matt Warman

I cannot pre-empt the decision, as my right hon. Friend knows, but it is important to say that our agencies have managed the relationship that he talks about over a number of years and will continue to do so. We should of course pay tribute to them, and I look forward to seeing a decision made that fully engages with all their advice.