22 July 2019
Road Safety Campaign

Following a council decision not to replace a much-loved lollipop man outside Chingford Church of England School, families, local Conservative councillors and I lobbied the council to do something about the road safety outside the school.


Kings Road has become a very, very busy road and I’ve urged the council to act immediately on the basis of this being a priority. If a child were to get knocked down, what would the council say to themselves if they know that everyone has been asking this for some time now.

The council has now proposed improved road safety measures outside the primary school after month of protests by staff, parents, conservatives councillors and I’ve held face to face meetings with all concerned.

Waltham Forest Council has made new proposals for road safety at the school. These include raising the existing zebra crossing height, installing speed bumps, speed sensitive signs and adding ‘SLOW’ markings to the road outside the school. Other measures being proposed as longer term options include a signal crossing outside the school.

Conservative councillors for Endlebury and Chingford Green wards, Cllr Emma Best, Cllr Mitchell Goldie, Cllr Roy Berg, Cllr Nick Halebi, Cllr Andy Hemsted and Cllr Kay Isa and who supported protesters, issued a joint statement.
“The parents, school staff and local residents put in an enormous amount of effort to get the council to recognise the danger here and can be hugely proud of their work.” This is a great result and shows what happens when we all come together as a community.