1 February 2019
MPs raise money for ELHAP

Iain Duncan Smith joined other local MPs, Wes Streeting and Mike Gapes and Mayor of Redbridge Councillor Debbie Kaur-Thiara in a jail-break to raise money for ELHAP.

ELHAP is a unique charity providing an adventure playground and nature reserve for disabled and disadvantaged children, young people and adults based in Woodford Bridge.

ELHAP is the Mayor of Redbridge’s charity for the year.

Iain Duncan Smith said:
“This was a fun opportunity to raise some money for this very special charity which gives disabled children the change to experience what other children take for granted.”

The MPs and Mayor were locked in a cell and were only released when they made bail set at £1,000 each.

For more about ELHAP visit: elhap.org.uk

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PhotoELHAP/John Ponter