25 January 2018
Local growers and member of the Lee Valley Growers Association call for upskilling of workforce

Glinwell is a horticultural business based in Hertfordshire and a member of the Lee Valley Growers Association.  It maintains 109 acres of growing facilities in the UK, with greenhouses in Waltham Abbey and Nazeing.  Already producing tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers, the company has recently expanded into growing a range of chillies and all produce grown is sold in the UK.  Produce is grown on conventional and organic bases, with an overarching focus upon sustainability.  This includes the use of natural, biological pesticides and pollination of plants through resident bees that live inside the greenhouses.  Glinwell supplies leading UK supermarkets with highest quality produce.  It is part of Lea Valley Growers Association, a collective of growers in the area.

Iain Duncan Smith visits horticultural business Glinwell with Directors Sam Cannatella and Joe Colletti

Iain Duncan Smith MP Chingford & Woodford Green, Sam Cannatella Director (Glinwell) and Joe Colletti Director (Glinwell)


The business employs 450 people and is keen to expand its workforce in response to its on-going growth and expansion.  Glinwell has a diverse workforce, however in a post-Brexit economy, whilst much of that will continue, there will be more openings for local British people to train and work there. This is because the company supports an initiative to offer more opportunities to local individuals who are unemployed and would like to move into horticulture and gain the relevant skills to work in this growing sector of the economy. 

Iain Duncan Smith recently visited Glinwell’s Nazeing nursery to see the growing facilities as well as listen to the company’s plans for future expansion, as well as the views of other members of the Lea Valley Growers collective on how scrapping unskilled migrant labour could support employment from the local workforce.

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP for Chingford & Woodford Green said:

“Glinwell deserve recognition for its commitment to sustainable food production and its investment in the local area.  As a long-established family business, I am impressed by its continuing focus on innovation while maintaining quality.  The company supports initiative on encouraging the upskilling of the UK workforce.  In addition to increasing productivity and local employment rates, I believe that this initiative is a sensible set of proposals for a future immigration policy in the post-Brexit economy”.

Iain Duncan Smith visits horticultural business Glinwell with Directors Sam Cannatella and Joe Colletti