6 June 2018
George Lane Post Office

In 2017 the Post Office proposed the closure of the George Lane Post Office. 

The planned closure would have left South Woodford residents without a Crown branch Post Office and its range of services.  In November 2017, local residents started a campaign to keep the current Post Office open and sought the help of local MP, Iain Duncan Smith.  In the months that followed, around 2,000 local people signed a petition and Mr Duncan Smith supported their efforts by organising a debate on the matter in Parliament and negotiating with Post Office managers to keep the branch open.

As a result of the concerted efforts of local residents, collaboration between the Post Office Workers Union, local Conservative Councillors and Iain Duncan Smith, local MP, the Post Office has today [Wednesday 6th] announced that the Crown branch Post Office will remain open at its current location.  The decision may be reviewed in the future but for the foreseeable future, South Woodford gets to keep its Post Office.

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP said:

“I am very pleased with the Post Office’s decision to keep the Crown branch open in George Lane.  This was very important issue for many of my constituents and I was keen to support the campaign, both locally and in Westminster.  I would like to thank both the Post Office Workers Union and all the local people who united around maintaining this important asset in South Woodford: a Post Office is an integral and essential part of the community, so I am delighted that the organisation has listened to all those who felt strongly about this issue and worked hard to secure this positive outcome. Now, let’s make this permanent.”