1 May 2016
Forest School Science Block

Iain Duncan Smith officially opened Forest School’s new science block and received a guided tour of the new extension which contains six new laboratories and two new technician rooms.

Iain Duncan Smith officially opens Forest School’s new science block

Mr Duncan Smith said:

“Although I didn’t study it to a high level myself, I have always found science fascinating, and the facility here looks fantastic and is clearly going to enhance students’ learning.

“It’s good to see more girls taking up the subject, as more female scientists and engineers is something our society really needs.

“If this facility means that just 10 per cent of students here take biology, chemistry or physics to a higher level, it will have been a major success.”

"It’s a real privilege to visit a school that has been such a feature of the community for such a long, long time, and one that is investing hugely in science."

| Chingford Guardian