7 May 2016
Fieldhouse Close Petition

Iain Duncan Smith visited Fieldhouse Close in South Woodford after residents complained about parents double parked in the street while dropping off children at the nearby primary school.

Iain Duncan Smith visited Fieldhouse Close in South Woodford

Mr Duncan Smith said:

“This road is often double parked with cars, which makes it difficult for vehicles, especially larger emergency vehicles and refuse collectors, to pass.

“Due to the strength of feeling on this issue, I am writing to the council asking them to listen to residents’ concerns and put yellow lines on the bends where parked cars are most dangerous.”

The council have now agreed and will be implementing the yellow lines in the summer.

A spokesman said: “Residents have already made us aware of their concerns around parking at Fieldhouse Close and we are pleased to say that the council has plans to install double yellow lines to stop the parking at its junction with Churchfields.”

Local activist Joel Herga, who has collected a petition on the issue, welcomed the announcement saying: 

“Most residents have nearly been in accidents, it’s a danger hot spot.”

“This is a victory for residents and for the Conservative Church End Action Team.

“What is important now is that the council implements these yellow lines quickly and efficiently before there is an accident.

“The frequency with which people are parking on the turning is making it very dangerous.”

| Ilford Recorder

PhotoJoel Herga, (far left), with Iain Duncan Smith and local residents of Fieldhouse Close, South Woodford, with Cllr Emma Best campaigning for yellow lines to be installed.