23 July 2019
Boris Johnson

Congratulations to Boris Johnson on winning the race today to become Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister.

I am pleased that this result was so emphatic. With support from over 50% of the MP’s and 66% of the membership, Boris Johnson can now focus on delivering Brexit by the 31st October, uniting the UK to focus on domestic issues and eventually defeat the Marxist beliefs of Jeremy Corbyn.

Three years of protracted negotiations with the European Union have undermined faith in our politics, generated the Brexit Party and brought Jeremy Corbyn closer than ever to Number 10. It could have been so very different with an administration that recognised the benefits and opportunities that exist outside the EU. The Conservative Party was elected to deliver Brexit – we have one last chance to put this right.

Leaving the EU by 31st October will help restore trust in the Conservatives and allow us to embark on a bold domestic agenda. Boris Johnson has given a clear commitment to delivering Brexit by 31st October on top of outlining inspiring visions for reforming tax and improving education.

As Mayor of London, Boris shook up a statist City Hall whilst cutting overall crime by 20%, creating over half a million new jobs, and delivering over 100,000 affordable homes. This is a Conservative record of which we should all be proud.

Now the hard work begins.