Iain Duncan Smith questions why President of European Council vetoed offer to allow EU citizens to remain in the UK

19th December 2016
Iain Duncan Smith asks the Prime Minister if she asked the President of the European Council why he vetoed the offer to allow EU citizens here in the UK to remain, and vice versa, when his own Government in Poland was keen to agree.

When my right hon. Friend was at the Council and reminded the Council leaders of her generous offer to allow EU citizens here in the UK to remain, and for UK citizens to receive the same privilege, did she manage to take Donald Tusk to one side and ask him simply why, when his own Government was keen to agree to that, he turned round and vetoed it?


My right hon. Friend is right that I made it clear once again that I hope the issue of EU citizens living here and UK citizens living in EU member states can be dealt with at an early stage of the negotiations. The other member states and the Council have been clear that they are not prepared to enter into negotiations before article 50 is triggered, but I will continue to remind them of our hope, for a very good reason: we want to give certainty and reassurance to people that this issue can be dealt with at a very early stage and then the people concerned can get on with their lives.

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