Iain Duncan Smith calls on Government to address immigration issues to enable UK businesses to continue to attract global talent

26th January 2017

Iain Duncan Smith calls on the Government to address the issue of people coming to the UK so that UK businesses can continue to attract global talent who are high in added value, but low in numbers.

I urge my hon. Friend to address the issue of incoming individuals and the controls as soon as possible because one of the big issues—which my hon. Friend the Member for Gloucester (Richard Graham) has already touched on—is the concern about access to global talent. We need to reassure the City and others that the high added value, low volume numbers that come in are welcome: it is the low skilled who are using British benefits that are not very welcome.


My right hon. Friend is right about the importance of attracting global talent for key industries, such as our financial services sector and the FinTech industry, with which I met earlier this week.



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